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David Cossalter

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David began working as a solicitor for Gerard Malouf & Partners compensation lawyers upon completion of his Master of Law and Legal Practice Degree in 2007. He has previously worked for the major commercial law firms and after identifying how profit driven these firms were, David came to Gerard Malouf with the knowledge that GMP is a client based firm which aims at ensuring the client receives maximum benefit from their solicitor and representing firm.

David’s areas of practice include Contested Wills Claims, Motor Accident and Public Liability claims. David is focused on ensuring that the interest of injured persons are paramount especially when dealing with profit driven insurers. David derives satisfaction from obtaining a result for persons who have been injured on account of someone else’s negligence, in particular when such claims are against corporate giants and insurance companies, who try to diminish the rights of the average person.

David has an exceptional settlement record within the Firm thriving in both Contested Wills matters and in particular in insurance claims. He has been able to obtain pivotal results to the benefit of our clients, a particular case in mind is that of Thompson v Bathurst Regional Council. This was a case that was successful at trial however the defendants appealed it all the way to a High Court special leave application. David, with his team of barristers and with the backing of the firm was able to successfully defend all the appeals and ensure a maximum benefit to our client with tactical offers being made, offers which ensured that the client recovered maximum costs from the other side. Our client was able to walk away with 85% of the damages awarded to him. David is particularly proud of this case as of the 7 Judges that heard this case all 7 agreed with our client’s case, a bitter position for the defendant and insurer. This is just one of the hundreds of cases that David has been able to successfully prosecute during his time with our Firm.

In his time at Gerard Malouf and Partners David has become a team leader managing 2 junior solicitors and 1 clerk. David has shown an aptitude for Compensation Claims and maintaining the belief system of Gerard Malouf and Partners. “I like to ensure that those who are in need receive what they deserve, I do not like dealing with claims that are clearly established to obtain a financial gain. If a person is in need or disadvantaged because they have been injured by someone else’s negligence, I will do everything in my power to fight for them.” Gerard Malouf and Partners, wholeheartedly supports this approach as we undertake to fight for the disadvantaged and not to pursue frivolous claims.

David is also fluent in Italian and should you have difficulty with English, David is able to assist you in understanding the complex nature of your claim.

On a personal note, David enjoys travelling, playing poker with friends, good dining and Football (Soccer).

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