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GMP Law Diesel Emissions Claims 

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Many of the world’s leading car manufacturers have been identified as being part of “diesel-gate”, the installation of cheat devices into diesel engines that manipulate lower emission levels when under testing, in order to pass regulatory requirements.


Gerard Malouf & Partners are proud to be investigating and conducting Class Actions on behalf of Australian consumers of these vehicles. The fact that worldwide brands would allow environmental  damage on such a major scale is an outrage and GMP Law intends to pursue the maximum  damages possible as a future deterrent.​

Class Actions: What are they?

Where a group of people have suffered a similar loss or wrong-doing, it is possible for a Class Action to be brought. A Class Action, often also called a representative proceeding, occurs when one person, the 'lead applicant', represents the entire group of claimants known as the 'group members'. There can be more than one lead applicant, depending on the nature of the case.

Participating in Class Actions

Class Actions in Australia are generally run on an 'opt-out' model. That means they will be part of the claim if they meet the defined eligibility criteria: even if they do not actively sign up. The eligibility criteria varies depending on the facts of the case in question, and each person that meets the criteria will be included in the action unless they opt-out.

What it means to be a Class Action member

A Class Action member will be bound by the final outcome of the case being run, whether that be an award of compensation or dismissal of the case, unless they opt-out. Only the lead applicant is required to instruct the lawyers and take an active role in the actual running of the case, where the other Class Action members will not be required to provide any significant involvement towards the Class Action.

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